Improve feed conversion and extend the income producing period of your flock


Get to know your hens like never before

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Chicken Scoop gives you new insights into the health and well-being of each bird in your flock. Our patent pending technology monitors each of your hens to help you understand who is laying, when and how often.

Get to know the nesting habits of each layer to easily identify illness or problems in your coop. Real time monitoring and notifications make it easy for you to stay current with your hens, keep eggs from freezing and more!

  • know who is laying and when
    Did you ever want to know who your "freeloaders" are, or when each hen stops laying?
  • quickly see birds with abnormal behavior
    Watch for nesting behavior changes to quickly identify animals under duress.
  • keep an eye on the health of your girls
    Quickly identify signs of common problems such as "pasted vent."
  • gain new insights
    Know who is broody, how long your layers nest and more innovative insights for your flock!


Keep an eye on the health of your flock using our dashboard and alerts.


Know who is laying and who is lazy with our bird-specific nesting tracking.


Keep conditions optimal for your flock the people working with them through continuous environmental monitoring.

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