Know Your Girls

Keep track of your flock's nesting habits - see who lays eggs when and where they prefer to hang out! This early-stage product connects you to your flock while keeping your birds safe and productive. join waiting list >

This past winter, we had problems with egg eating in our backyard flock. The Chicken Scoop was instrumental in helping us solve this problem! A text notifying me when an egg had been laid allowed me to get out to the coop and remove the egg before it got eaten. Thank you, Chicken Scoop, for an easy solution to this disruptive (and distressing!) situation!
Kristina, backyard chicken owner

Who is Nesting?

Do you wonder what your hens are up to in their nesting boxes? Our technology keeps track of each hen and their nesting habits, allowing you a unique view inside the nest.

Who are Your Freeloaders?

Know with confidence who is laying and who is just along for the ride.

Is Your Flock Healthy?

Having a sick hen can be hard on you and your flock. Chicken Scoop helps you identify a bird in distress so you can take preventive action.

Too Hot or Too Cold?

Coops that are too hot or cold can be dangerous for your hens. Our temperature monitor sends you an alert when an adjustment needs to be made.

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Chicken looking at computer

Coop Lighting

Did you know that layers need 12-16 hours of daylight to produce eggs? Set it and forget it with the Chicken Scoop!

Led light

Text Notifications

Get a text message when your hens lay an egg - how fun is that?!